Shelter Hamburg Central Station

A nuclear shelter right next to Hamburg’s Central Train Station? Join us on a tour through the underground air raid shelter at Steintorwall, and see for yourself. This three story underground facility was built primarily for train travelers. After entering the shelter through its original entryway, we will guide you through the building, which covers 2700 square meters (approx. 29,063 sq. ft.). You will walk through the shelter’s floors that reach lengths up to 80 meters. You will see many of its 150 rooms and learn about the history of Hamburg, the bunker, World War II and the ‘cold war’ in Europe. In addition, you will learn what life and survival in the shelter would have been like, and how the technical equipment works.

Who we are

We are a non-profit association, researching and documenting the subterranean buildings in Hamburg. The organization records oral history, photo documentation and surveys the areas. We try to capture the full picture of the buildings below the ground.
It is our mission to present our research to the public through events and guided tours of the buildings. On our tours you will both see and learn about the technical equipment and the history of the building. The local and historical context of these buildings will give you a deep insight of cold-war times in Germany and broaden your mind.

Book now

Make your tour reservations via our reservation service REGIONDO with button down below in the section "Dates". Please note that most of our tours are guided by German-speaking volunteers, so the number of English guided tours and the available space on these tours is limited. Please wait until your reservation is confirmed before you attend a tour.

Entry fee
Regular: 9€
Reduced fee: 7€ (for schoolchildren, students, unemployed persons, handicapped persons, persons doing military or alternativ service)
free admission for childreen 11 years old and younger

Please note

  • We kindly ask you to only bring hand luggage with you.
  • Parking near the shelter is hard to find, so please come by public transport.
  • The shelter is not heated and has a constant temperature of about 12° C (54° F), so please dress accordingly.
  • Because of the history and purpose of the building, it may not meet the needs of disabled persons. If you are disabled and would like to tour, please contact us in advance.
  • There may be mold in the building, since it is old and located underground. Be careful if you are allergic.
  • The tour is suitable for children ages 12 and up.

Dates (Tours in English)  

The link will redirect you to our external ticket shop from Regiondo


Meeting point

The shelter is right next to the Hamburg Central Railway Station. It is located on “Steintorwall” Street. To get there, you will start at Central Station, walk along Steintorwall Street.

Due to construction work, the temporary meeting point is not the shelter, but rather the bus stop "Hauptbahnhof / Spitalerstrasse".



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